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Tomás Abraham: "Gallardo is a bad technique, and Messi, if not changing, is better to return to the team"


Tomás Abraham was able to discuss the essence and profound problems of human life, but when it is really important, a 71-year-old philosopher is another person. Does the wife "repeat soccer football"? Yes, Abraham organizes a daily agenda for television footballIt's mostly European, and thousands of games and audience experience, but it's just shy in a conversation Infobae.

Philosophy thinks the teacher Marcelo Gallardo This is a technical evil Mauricio Macri, Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D Onofrio They built their power by leaning on bare bars and that's not changing, Lionel Messi They would make good choices remotely. He does not understand, moreover, as he lives in soccer fields.

"I was a continuing Vélez follower, when I invited a friend of independence to the court, and he achieved the goal of Independence and won, I can not understand. The typical fan fan is completely blind and hate it. Defining the opposition is a classic to kill the most recent. "

– Can you define football football?

-I am a soccer player, more than sports. Except for tennis, I want to see. I am a fan of the national team, but Velez's defender is not an enemy. We did not have to invent enemies. Velez always suffered, but we did not know how much he hated.

– Is not it anyone to die … are they better?

– Better! You do not hate the idiot. once Antonio CarrizoFrom the Boca, he told us we were not a club, but mutual …

-What was the best and worst thing about Argentina's football this year?

-The best Argentine Soccer … It was the World Cup! That was the worst thing. The team was very serious, the players were bad, the coach was bad … Everything was bad! It was bad for a long time and it was still very bad.

– Everything is bad He played Messi in that group.

-Yes, but Messi, in the national team, did nothing

– And the technician, with great expectations?

-The technician has arrived, but does not see something that is culturally speaking. As soon as he arrived, the demagogic populist was very cheap, but it was very cheap, and soon Messi was dependent on the interests of the company.. Immediately He was a Messi employeeWe expected something else. I myself always saw me nervously and with so much blood (Jorge) Sampaoli… And I thought that happened, after so many small things (Edgardo) Bauza so quiet, so Rosarino, slowly … That orange. As strong as strength (Marcelo) Bielsa! But as soon as he arrived, he began to take pictures with others (Messi), with national rock, Callejeros … Replaced. And he did not do anything apart, he did not change anything, he left the same structure, the same structure. He confirmed that it was a list of players.

-What do you mean by "Messi company worker"?

– (think) The selection, without Messi, does not matter. Adidas, Nike, Coca-Cola, TV. He does not care. Messi will pay a lot more, they will depend on it. Only the AFA can do (Claudio) wall It depends on Messenger. Messi and his father are. They said it was interesting or not, whether it played in Israel or not. And you can not miss Mascherano! (already selected). If they do not want to, we will continue in Catalonia. then, AFA and Tapia depend on survival in Messi. Tapia is just a climb, and if it needs a handle, Messi will give it. I do not say secrets.

-Bet, he was angry with Messi …

-But of course! Because the election is sacred.

– I am a fan of the national team I want to be with the national team of Messi, as it was (Diego) Maradona team team

-But Messi has always been with the national team, where did he see it was not?

-I do not know that this is not … World Cup 2014, Argentina plays against Bosnia, coach (Alejandro) Sabella. In the first press conference after next match, Messi Sabella disliked.

– Yes, the players thought Sabella was too much against a group like Bosnia.

-Yes, we end up with a precautionary measure. And in final light, I want to see more time in Argentina-Germany, and see Messi.

-A Guy stopped for 30 minutes. And (Rodrigo) Palace Asking for the ball. And he stopped in the middle of the court. Tell me then, Maradona cries out in Italy and has stopped? I prefer Maradona.

– They are different, clearly.

-But no. Where is the heart Let's see … The same group of these players started this generation in 2010 with 4-0 Germany, and Maradona ordered 4-1-5. Mascherano centered and five ahead. Di Maria, Maxi Rodríguez, El Pipa, Messi, Tevez.… To achieve the end of the America Cup is an achievement for me, when Chile's losing punishment goes well. But I do not see how the Argentine national team is playing over time … Last time it was 4-0 in the USA in the Copa América 2016. The ball started the goal and got the opposite. Technician (Gerardo) Martino. In Argentina, however, he could not beat Venezuelas at home. With Messi!

-After that, we are a former technician by Lionel Scaloni.

-Scaloniano, scalangers … Is there anymore? Why?

Completely After winning the World Cup, Croatia won 3-0 against France – it beat, if that game was another half hour 8-3 … -, the famous pitch Biglia, Enzo Pérez and Banega basket … I did not see the future, but when Scaloni comes in and starts to show players, it starts showing the substitutions. For example: (Leandro) Walls It has a great talent, though it is a little hot. When he left Boca, Zenit played five instants. He is a great knight who plays for a great deal, has a great talent. Sampaol did not take it into account, he called the guy. And call the lions some others …! There is new people, pace and desire.

-It seems to continue to be a good Copa America …

– sure! and it is important that the independence of the Messianic criteria is maintained.

– Does Messi play Brazil's Copa América mean that it would not be better?

– I'm saying that Messi is saying it is saying. And it's not a beginner, it's something he's returning to. but Captain tape must be another.

– Does Messi have no such thing?

-No. Mascherano was captain (Daniel) Walkway He was the captain. Messi, do not argue with the referee, nothing.

– Has debated the world championship …

Yes, bad, rude. I do not like Messi and Di Maria when they hear me back. How is it happening? Messi returns and asks Noodle to return. And I do not want Noodle, it's not worth it. Play PSG 8 to reverse and nothing happens. I want Pity Martinez, a Lautaro Martínez, anyone … I do not want Messi to have a National Team handle, I want to play.

-It's the best player in the world!

– It does not matter, it's four or five.

-But how is it done in a national team that does not have Messi? Is it bad

-It's done like in a restaurant …

– Think Messi has no effect on Barcelona?

-But it has an impact, but it also has an impact on the club (also)! There's a club We're talking about a disassembled selection here. There's a club there, money is divided a lot and it's a team star. Sometimes it also becomes apathetic and we look at the floor. But there is a club that belongs to the group. Here is a group of what you need to do.

-But, at the same time, he asks Maradona as head of the national team.

-No, I do not ask, I do not want caudillos.

-But he likes Maradona … he must be with Maradona.

– I liked Maradona player, I saw the first debut, as they did not say. Besides being a player, he transmitted energy to his teammates. Sometimes they transmit something. That's what I mean, not a lord. I want to play with personality. The Argentinian team was Messi, and here we will kneel before the idol, we use idolatry. That's it! It's enough! Messi is not playing. And I like Messi, I adore, I'm still at the age of 17. But idolatry, no.

– If you need to know it, Messi will not return to the National Team.

-No, do not come back. Selection plays. Earn or lose.

– Everyone in the world can say in Argentina that Messi is in a nutshell.

Yes Yes. There was no Messi in Argentina that we played in National Teamean and Ortho.

– They were three endings.

– Yes, we have three finals and play orto. Wrong This team has not played well. Korea / Japan left with good memory in Bielsa despite the elimination of the first round. The national team has played a great deal of trouble for a long time, and the main mistake was to invent a pitcher pitch that does not exist. And he emphasized. Mascherano, came in 5th of 2006 and there is no problem with him, the fight. But Banega, Enzo Pérez, Biglia and Mascherano? There's no such thing! And they could not change in years and years.

-And Sampaoli, a football knows what happened to him?

– He entered the AFA command structure. I would not mean that he did not want to do it because he did not know what he wanted. Nothing has changed Sampaol made the press conferences and only spoke of Messi. Manchester City must be two or three You do not see talking about the player Guardiola. Then Bayern Munich. Or Real Madrid. They do not talk about a player, they do not talk about a player, they take great care to talk about a player. Despite being Messi. Do you talk about Zidane Cristiano Ronaldo? Noooo … The group talks about all the groups. Here, no, here are all chupaculos.

– Do you think that Scaloni comes out of logic?

– Scaloni was out of the mess, he played for inviting players who did not have a card. And quite well … Against Brazil, he played everything, we put zero zero. And they were Brazilians.

-If they lost their way …

-Minute 93. There up, zero zero. These people would shoot me.

-The team of the team has no national players, nor even the most important technicians. Selection can not compete with club money. Does it match?

-It is true, but FIFA gives the ball. Even though the world's 7 big clubs are eaten, they give a world champion, even though they have a great business. You want to play at the National Team.

-River Libertadores won and reached the Club World Cup in Real Madrid. This game was not played. This circumstance?

-It indicates that Argentinian soccer is very nasty, the river is mid-point. Boca too. They are meaningless. I saw Pameriras, Cruzeiro and Gremio. When I was Brazil I shot myself. because it is They behave horrible! They completely sucked, big 7 sucked everything! Nobody stops! For this reason, Scaloni is important because he entered the margin. We all live … ten games played in Vélez! A boy from 18 to 19 has finished 12 games. Sold! As in Brazil and Africa, the players' images are incredible. That is why it is very valuable that this guy has called players that we have never heard.

-You know football? Good European, another level championship, and here to play among us.

-What did they leave to play …

-Colours World Cup marks the reality: look inside alone and we will be happy.

-Everything happens that the river was very steady. Suddenly I did something. Exequiel PalaciosInteresting. He called Scaloni and then did not touch a ball. The first game of Bombonera, the first time River played well, was the team. It seems to be something to put on and improve. but All that spoke after the defeat against Al Ain, is common to us, losers. We are terrible losers. We invented any kind of moral champion, the party … they lost Al Ain, because they did not win.

– Is it a scam? Do we underestimate the differences between Europe?

-And I said, as River had played for the first time at Bombon, he does things well and places a bit of mysticism … I want to see the match against Real Madrid. We do not win, but maybe a good game. It was not compatible. But for thatThe river of Barcelona and San Lorenzo, the final route to Real Madrid … They were very humiliating. It was very serious. That's plafond (Marcelo) Tinelli He has played at the end of the world and can say that he can be president. The thing is very crazy …

-And it's also true that he managed to listen to Boca for the first time so he could not stop Boca. That is, in Argentina's football level.

– It's the first time it's played every seven months …

– And in the first part of the Bernabeu final?

-I was at home and my wife was a regular. "Always watch football!" For the first time, he gave me a bit of embarrassment, the ball went through the air, because nobody had a gap … In this stadium and many people around the world see. Then a trip took place. Nobody plays like that. I do not see something I see. I do not see Mexican football, I do not see Chile's football, I do not see Colombian football. I do not see Latin American football, I'm not interested. That's why I see the light … European football, Spanish, Italian, German, English, is the second time for the first timeThey do not see something like that.

-I do not know well. Do you know that the level of many players in the first part of the Libertadores and the Boca Europeans do not even see in the second half?

-No. The player to get rid of the ball. It's very strange … I missed the ball in the air and said we were "at home.

-What violence brought about by the finalist in Madrid was the dishonor of the country?

– Of course, it was a great disgrace to the country. How are the next investments?

-So, President Macri thought, because of that, he wanted to play the game either in the country or not.

– Right. What (Mauritius) Macri Press conference to say is bad (Gianni) Infantino and (Alejandro) DominguezWhat is this presidential investment? Suppose the President is awake, how's that? And then I think what happens Conmebol took revenge. River and mouth? From Argentina? What do you think, Europeans? Do you know what Europe will give you now? Wild, away. Do you want to play? out.

– Was Humiliating? Yes, of course. But, at the same time, what changes? There is not a single detainee. Already

Macri told him. In the middle of all the situation, he gave a press conference and, in the words of the Argentine representatives, he did not understand what was happening. Do you understand me?

-Don't you understand that it's not good? But how have you become the president of a great contemporary club? 6,000, with 5,000 votes? How many couples are these clubs? Eleven miles? How many votes do you hold on the board drunk or La 12? Four That's right, they know what they're doing. (Daniel) Angelici, Macri … They know how they arrived. And that's how they arrive. How will they fight with their troops? If it's your troop.

– Are the brave barbarians Macri and Angelici troops?

– And of course! If not, how will you get these votes? If he does not throw … gathering that mass of voters …

– Going to Joan River and Rodolfo Onofrio?

– Besides! Why are the bars? Because they win the elections, they have won elections. They then have a sharp client. We can know what I say, because we all know it, but we do not all say it. Argentina declined, with an increasing social exclusion that excludes exclusion, drugs, violence and impunity. The bar's presence became wild. Before a civilized bar, even though (Rafael) Di Zeo was, I think. Today is completely crazy. When you see the blue river and how many voters make up the total number of members you can fully understand how to organize a part. Thus how were the elections at that time (Julio Argentino) rock And before, this is caudillismo. What exactly can be said about Mac, if President Boca had to enter the Boca world, if not it. This money helps in this world, basically, and then … you need to protect them.

– So this is not a solution …

-It never asked, because nobody knows.

-But what do you think? Will Argentina change?

– Surely, that's the question, if Argentina changed, not AFA. I hope so. I hope … And I'm still waiting. But before the feeling of fatalism I am very energetic, when something is good.

– And what's good?

-Not, that. He returned his passion.

– So, so many people do not want to take any responsibility for the selection, because they did not want Gallardo and Martino, Guardiola was scared for the simple inquiry … do you see a bad luck?

-I would like Martino to return. It was a pity It was an idea and a man who worked, but it was not easy. In the case of the tapestry, to go back. It's only …

– And Gallardo or Guardiola?

-Guard? This press operation.

– He wanted to direct the selection for a few moments …

-It's not that Guardiola is not valid.

-It's a good thing. It's like Forbes, it is Manchester City.

– And Gallardo, right?

– I think Gordon bad technician. It's rotten me

– And it will be difficult for the holder of this interview … Why does he think that Gallardo is a bad technician?

because it is River always plays foreverThey bought, he and his mentor (Enzo) Francescoli, terribly wrong. You need to make a list of what you bought in a list. He bought bad, he plays badly and sometimes hits it. And, of course, we hit it once. He is also a bad loser and he scratch (Roberto) Abundanzieri In front of television cameras, this has not been done. I do not like it

– I like Scaloni, I like it Almeyda peeledI find an interesting character … As a player, Scalonik (Javier) ZanettiHe said, "I'm still a player of the Argentine team, not the Pekerman team." Scallions did not know what I liked for the players. Messi and Di Maria did not pass the ball. What happened (Giovani) Lo Celso World Cup I do not know, I do not know what happened. There are things that are laughing, if you hear Niembro there are weapons in locker rooms! (Laugh).

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