Wednesday , October 20 2021

Tomorrow is the new $ 100 bill that will start



Central Banks

(BCRA) today formed a family card called "Argentine national animals", entered in 2016 and the starting point for a new 100 million euro, which represents an indigenous orchestra that forms a northeastern symbol.

The new card, which has a current exchange rate of $ 2.61, will begin tomorrow with the entire network of banking networks and will now be shared with the same value in circulation today. Picture of Julio Argentino Roca and image of María Eva Duarte de Perón.

Image of Taruca (also known as Andean Deer) is the sixth and last member of the new family, after launching
The last condolences in the Andean region ($ 50); Hornero ($ 1000) and Guanacoa ($ 20), launched in 2017, and the south winged whale ($ 200) and yaguareté ($ 500), graduates from 2016.

"It is the purple color of the tuxes invoice, its design continues with the new family invoice model, a vertical format front that reproduces the portrait of the shawl and reverses it in a horizontal format, its recreational recreational habitat and its reference to children as a reproductive reproduction in the lower left corner It is, "says the BCRA
Describes paper security measures.

Currently, the new bill of $ 100 has been launched today at number 44 of José Ignacio Gorriti, in the province of Jujuy. During the ceremony, the CEO's Director General, Nicolás Gadano, and Julio Pando, were in charge of payment methods.

In addition, the BCRA provided $ 2 and 10 coins -some stocks and currencies, respectively- to complete the new Mexican peso peso pesos branch of the Argentine Republic.

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