Monday , January 18 2021

Top Mirtha Legrand commentary Laurita Fernndezi: "You do not have time to miss …"

Mirtha LegrandAfter many years of successful career, he has taken on some freedoms. It's one of the most renowned television celebrities, and he does not fear thinking, even the president! Without fear or custody, he also released their explosive sentences to those who invited the table.

This Sunday was the first annual lunch Mirtha and, of course, he wanted to make an unforgettable production program. La Feliztik, Mar del Platan, diva I met Carmen Barbieri, Laurita Fernndez, Roberto Moldavsky, Reina Reech, Javier Milei and Ariel Puchetta. And, of course, the presence of Carmen and Laurita, when the dancer finished the relationship with Fede Bal (Capocomica's son) spoke.

Everything started Legrand praising their guests to make clothes or jewelry. First of all, I commented on Barbieri: "What a beautiful girl is Carmen! What beautiful glasses do you bring out so you can stretch out beautiful eyes". Santiago Valera's wife continued to prepare the ring from the morning at nine o'clock in the morning and gave the driver a beautiful ring. "He told me he used my mom and she became," he explained.

then, hostess Frida Khalo and one of her most famous scenes, she noticed that she has a tattoo with weapons: "If you do not love it, go back". After reading this phrase, Chiquiak looked at Fernandez and said: "You do not lose the baby." The former dancer was uncomfortable, as the theater producers explained: "I walked (Mirtha), I was not prepared (Laura)."

However, Sugar's protagonist laughed and jokes. And finally, the relationship with Nicols Cabr emerged from this awesome situation. "I am in love, I feel in the body, I love love, my stomach, I do not think many of these things," said the beautiful blonde. What a terrible moment!

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