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Toresani, Gallardo and Guillermo, former partners, announced


Julio César "Huevo" Toresani Boca in 1996 arrived in Colón de Santa Fe, but after being the champion of the River during the first half of the 90s. Marcelo Gallardo, from the millions of clubs and Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto, has a good relationship with three relationships and recalled: "I put the doll on." Gallardo was a little, like a cake, like a cake doll that was angry, but that was left. "

On November, Toresane announced on Saturday that he would determine the sanctions and that it was not a favorite, as he recalled that Boca people remembered the River River: he only scored a superclassic goal on Boca, the opening of Diego Maradona's "Opening # .

-What is your river and Boca highlights?

-You have been in the River for more than a year, that is to say, there has been little, and I had the chance to be a champion. The best thing I did on Boca was Diego Maradona. Boca people came up a bit more and felt me ​​in the street. I have great memories in both organizations.

– How did he play during the Boca River?

– In the beginning, the Boca fans were pure whites, but gradually people got up and I finished a barbarian. It was my best football moment. On the river you do not forgive me.

– Your turn was "heavy weight" clothing.

The heavy clothing was Boca, a lot of figures. River too. I was always learning from the next great images.

Maradona Toresani trial against Boca-Colón in 1995

-Segurola y Habana, how was Maradona born in Boca?

-I can not say anything wrong, as a barbarian. It was not easy for me, he threatened to come; Bilardo told me that nothing would happen. When Diego appeared, he told me that this was Boca, what happened last, we had a hand and everything was fixed.

-Beaut both Boca and both technicians

– I am very fond of two coaches, my friends. Gallardo put it on my "doll"; He was 16 years old and started training at the age of 17. It was small, like a cake, like a cake doll. She was angry, but she stayed that way. He did not play much with Guillermo, because he was in Caniggia and entered second place. We have good relationships.

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