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Totally changes the application's Instagram interface

Photos of Papa Noel on food, holiday and unforeseen circumstances Instagram The network is logical, owned Facebook, Has chosen the Christmas season to activate the biggest change in its interface: move between left-to-right to move between timeline photos. This is a radical change, which is already seeing the damage: the user has increased his weapons against the update.

Logic can be meaningful: the biggest success of the application If it's history, why not have another look at the application? We know that this change has occurred and is now the most commonly used by the first users. Yes, Instagram may have some changes.


According to Instagram, Adam MosseriThere was a test that was activated by hand scroll activation. The navigation will be active soon, but it is too early to default.

Horizontal scroll takes photos from Instagram

Instagram completely alters the application's browsing experience

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We have been accustomed to seeing all the updates of our contacts so far, the most common in social networks, as usual (a web page scroll), we must use today to change the opposite: from all sides.

The switch is slowly turning on: you can have bad luck that came to your Instagram. This is not our case: in one of our streams we do not have side scrolling but it's little time. Of course, activation seems to go ahead The company retrieves the old interface. Escaped

As we have already said, the new navigation of the interface is the same as the one found in the stories: instead of sliding one side, we must go to the right and go to the next photo; and in the direction of returning to the previous photo, of course. In this way, we are selling images uploaded among our contacts that have access to our specific profiles, by clicking on the user's nickname; and even to them Stories by clicking on the bubble.

It is a logical step of homogenizing the application of stories, since it is one of the most popular sections, along with it Instagram Disposal of the social network base: it is not very convenient to move between side scroll pictures. Obviously, ads will pay more attention: Now it will be harder to pass.

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