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Traffic victim? For Ana, an 18-year-old girl disappeared in Jose C. Paz


It's your name Mishel DICT quality FELKERHe's 18 years old and almost every week his family looks for despair. When the turkey saw Sunday, Sunday, November 18, he left home in the neighborhood of San. Atilio The party of José C. Paz returned to Renaul Lagoon red color, apparently a UBER he asked.

Mishel is 18 years old and is missing from Sunday.

Youngs "She has dark hair, bangs, dark skin and mole with glasses," explains her brother. Lucas Rodrigo. He also stated Mishel leads "A tattoo with a right leg flower and a right arm flower."

BigBang with communication NicolasThe older boy of his teenage boy, on the last day, revealed himself "last night". Of course, they do not know that Ubera or a RemisHe clarified that there was no friend Mishel She's aware of her partner.

"We are not desperate. We do not know anything, I do not know. We only know that it was rising CLII red color And from here on we started looking everywhere. My mother, on the one hand, and my aunt with my brothers "said the family.

Nerea was seen on Sunday at ten in the evening.

He told his teenage older brother During the disappearance there were slippers Nike white, a Jean and a black shirt. The family complained to the police room 3 José C. Paz on Wednesday, 21st of this month, before the "abuse" troops.

With this topic, Nicolas He tried to shed more fuel in the quarry and mentioned the "communication problem" with police officer José C. Paz. "There were serious communication problems, but I was not at that moment to go to my mom's details," he explained.

Despite the controversy surrounding all young women around the young woman, they emphasized that they would not leave without warning from the house, and they emphasized above all. Mishel He always communicated with his mother to find out where he was.

In this sense, BigBang I communicate Luisa, her mother, revealed that the teenager sent her last message on Monday night. "On Monday, he sent me a message: "Mom, what time? come back at home? & # 39; When I answered, I turned off the phone, "he said.

In this regard, he was very worried about this situation, this website was said to have been Moreno at his son's house, until Wednesday, due to his grandson birthday and baptism. That's why he complained two days later.

Next, Commissioner of the Police Commission explained 3 José C. Paz did not want to ask the complaint from the beginning: "He told us we were bad parents, the sky and the earth were diverted for two hours if his daughter disappeared."

As the woman explained, her nephew told her to leave the house and see that she had entered the car. The family thinks that someone has met through social networks and is going to spend the night. The police in Buenos Aires reported Ubera When a woman, to Moreno, was taken to Palomaro, a man paid more than $ 500 and went out together.

In this regard, the young man said that they had not heard about the complaint filed by Jose C. Paz's Research Directorate (DDI). Until now, she visited many places she used to frequent women and talked with her friends, but she did not know how to give her an 18-year-old girl.

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