Thursday , January 21 2021

Tristan Suarez raped her son: his son was arrested

A young man 22 years old On Saturday he was arrested by his adoptive parents in Tristan Suareen in Buenos Aires. Contradictions ignored what happened and wounded on both sides.

The case of the nightmare happened in the morning hours in a house located in 200 Urquiza Street, the prisoner's headquarters, Edgardo Martínez I've shared with the victims: Dionisio Martínez, from 56 years old and his wife Silvia Gómez, from 49.

He was arrested by police, Tristan Suárez, in room 2, hands and costumes. The authorities told him when he was fleeing two friends back home and then, when he owned, he found the parents of the dead.

Security personnel went to an address. Dionysus's body was lying in the living room, a few meters from the main entrance gates. Women, on the other hand, got married, next to the bed, in the matrimonial room. They had two injuries on the neck.

According to preliminary studies, Neighboring neighbors said they would not smile at night, help requests or a strange crime home.. And they said that, for a time, marriage had constant and daily discussions with her son.

Among the collected testimonies, he learned Commitment to problems with drug addictionIn order to sell the validity of the house, to buy narcotic drugs, to be a reason for lasting conflicts.

After that, he was the witness of the prisoner again to declare. But his story was reversed and he was looking for inconsistencies. This time, he gave another version: he said, for example, when he saw his father lying down the garage and dragged on to a dining room, it was common to change clothes and clothes.

Research sources Infobae that's it At home, no one was seen before rapes or frauds than any other. They also noticed that they had cleared a part of the pavement.

After studying the detainees, they found him The rigidity of the ring finger and the left hand with the right hand side. Likewise, previous expert reports indicated that the victims had taken their left hand by the hand and made wounds with a knife directly.

For the first skills and Edgardo Martinez, after the prosecution's prosecution Carlos HassanHe was arrested by the deceased NF 02 owner.

The young man was accused of crime "Double Homicide Sinked Double Link" and will investigate judicial officials in the following hours.

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