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Twin rod – 2013/12/17


Bernabéu's Superfinan position has left many problems in Boca and not only dance with respect to self-esteem and vanity, this time another result would be something of the Monumental. From Boca Guillermo Barros departure from Schelotto, it can be seen with practical problems.

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Inevitable? It was quite inevitable, but it was much deeper if Daniel Angelik had confirmed his confidence, he opted for GBS and a counter-analytical quote was made. The authors of these lines, for example, think that the outgoing technical director has failed in the key indicator: to ensure the implementation of the essential tools to jump out of the glass or anything that is unattractive. Cruzeiro and Palmeiras must be aware that they have been eliminated, but in any case it must be underlined that it was not under the wing of Boca twice, and the other was with Independiente del Valle. The advantage of Ecuador and La Bombonera. However.

Agur Guillermo, President Angelici (Fernando Gens / TELAM / AFP).

With the clear slate and sealing the new account, the gap left by Mellizas involves a challenge aimed at choosing his successor. (Yes, correct, why not, someone would explain what the name of the dance would be, except to ensure that the astral board is aligned in order to align all of the planet in 2019).

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Angelico, the owner of the ship that announces between the cider and the turkey, will see the designer and the candidate who will see the irony of love: if a given twin has failed, he will leave the mistake. Two Olympic Games and the final of the Libertad Games. Here he congratulates the owner of the new cycle.

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