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Two bus drivers arrested for driving after alcohol

A driver Bus stop 2 and two bus drivers, one in the city Salta and another route 14, arrested Breathalyzer operations by the Ministry of National Transport.

The first day of operations took place on Saturday 22.45 change height Hudson, Agents of the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) They were aware of the presence of the driver who was doing dangerous maneuvers, So they alerted him and the driver stopped to stop him.

After requesting the required documentation, they produced positive breastfeeding tests 2.32 g / l.when driving the maximum driving force of the law 0.5 g / l. Once the driver's blood alcohol level has been detected, Hold your driver's license and hijack.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, with other operations, with the presence of agents of the National Transportation Regulatory Commission (CNRT), Two bus drivers were arrested He also gave control over alcohol.

In the Salta Terminal and the other 14 kilometer route in 14 kilometers.

According to the Portfolio, "driving under the influence of alcohol causes the reaction speed and the loss of visual distortion".

Additionally, "this substance causes sleep and fatigue, it affects coordination and care, decides what to do when deciding on a person, situations that significantly increase the risk of an impact on the road."

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