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Two supercars were raped during the months of the robbers and the police – 12/9/2014

Two Chinese supermarkets blocked less than 40 blocks and two cars were fired at the plane and shot by the police. The crime robbery was robbed by a security cameraman who was robbed of robberies and the latest fights.

In the first images captured by the security camera of two stores stolen by Virrey del Pino, it is seen how the robbery's weapons are seen hats and sunglasses are included not identified It goes directly to the ATM, the other goes to the fund to find the store owner and ask for the collection.

In the second video, a security camera in the collection of Virrey del Pino 3 sees the police robbery, Fiat Palio escapes and a patrol car and a private car.

It was also recorded at the moment when a man steered his Fiat Punto Roja shooting in the middle. He reached for his car to the sidewalk, bent down and went for the car to the passenger, to cover the car behind. Then he escaped from a place, wrinkled, and the two agents used the car to cover the criminals' plans.

The two dead thieves ended the sequence Friday at Chivilcoy and Commerce, at Virrey del Pino (La Matanza). A few minutes later, they received another call, when the two suspects fleeing on the same car stole a similar store in Monte Carlo and Williams, about 40 blocks from another supermarket.

After this second complaint, the patrols went to a field. When he arrived in the ring on 3rd kilometer of the 3rd stage, there was a police car, but he could not separate the passengers because the vehicle painted the windows.

Noticing the presence of the police, the robbers accelerated and fled to Route 3, just in the direction of San Justo. In the getaway, they went on a patrol car and went to the place where they were protected under the Green Volkswagen Voyage.

When they were surrounded, the attacker They started shooting in the car. They were killed before the ambulance arrived at the police and wounded.

In this case, the attackers were identified by Claudio Barreto (29) and Joaquín Rodríguez (34), Gonzalez Catán's neighbors. They denounced at least one clothing store and a neighboring house, although they participated in three other events.

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