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Tyson removes chicken nuggets that have rubber pieces

Washington – Tyson Foods has removed more than 36,000 kilograms of fat from chicken because it could be contaminated with rubber pieces.

du United States Department of Agriculture It was said that there was no consumer complaints about Tyson White Meat Panko chicken peppers about 5 kilos of rare package materials. No reports of harmful reactions have been confirmed.

Packages will end on September 26 in 2019 And they have a case code 3308SDL03. They also have a P-13556 establishment number within the US Department of Agriculture's audit firm.

The nuggets bag should be discarded or returned to the place of purchase.

After the announcement, Perdue Foods retired more than 16,000 kilos of piquillo, because they did not say milk.

Consumers who ask about the product can contact Tyson Consumer Relations at 1-888-747-7611.

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