Wednesday , September 28 2022

UFO may already exist, according to NASA scientist


Anyone with a smooth and impartial interest in the UFO is utterly desperate in regard to the weight of the subject. Ideally, we want one of the brain geniuses NASA in our corner. Somebody's White Labels and the embroidered NASA logo embroidered in our hands, we want to make our hands more comfortable and generous, and say, "Hey dude, you can have the right aliens." Here is this man and his name is Dr. Silvano Colombano NASAko Ames Research Center.

Colombano came into our lives this week by publishing a white paper earlier this year surfaced Reddit. This paper, the title New SETI research guides, suggests that their scientists should confirm their hypotheses about the probability of structure, based on the understanding of technology and the new universe.

Colombano argues that the discovery of planetary systems has been around 500 million years ago, since the fact that it has really been around for more than 500 years, the scientific limitation of what can be thought of as a technology that is possible with the technology that you can imagine, which is 10.4 million and 11.2 million years ago (when it is less than 4.5 million years ago).

From here, Colombano may have perhaps questioned some of the basic hypotheses about the extraterrestrial life of the intelligent time:

  1. Interstellar travel is impossible or very difficult
  2. Radio waves have been the most important form of communication for millions or millions of years.
  3. Intelligent civilizations would be based on carbon life
  4. We have not been and we are not visiting

Colombano challenges the first hypothesis, we do not know enough to exclude it:

Clearly Distance and energy are the available technologies and the unrest in our environment Physics understanding today. Still We are able to gain more understanding and control of the subject, energy and space time. Although light velocity is still a permanent obstacle, it may have interference for trips that may be part of the civilizations of thousands of years, depending on the hypothesis that they make.

It takes the second, depending on what we use outside of our car, and even if it was being used on the radio, it would be impossible to decrypt the shipment.

Since it is a carbonic life, Colombano says that, with regard to computers, carbon-based life could not be Start regarding the evolution of a life form:

We are talking about the evolution of computer science for over 50 years, we are talking about "super-intelligence" and we are fast becoming sympathetic to computer power. . . . I mean that we can find this intelligence and find it (if it is not already) that we might not create any carbon-based organisms. How would the main assumptions about the travelers interested in them happen? Our typical lifestyles will not be unlimited (even though they may be missions or animations for both generations), and the size of the "explorer" may be a super-intelligent entity.

I think we all agree, it's hell.

In the end, Colombano says the great nonsense involved in UFO reports and unforeseen strangers of extraterrestrial visitors while scientists have kept far from UFO research, should not:

It seems SETI has not ruled out (at least officially) the importance of UFO phenomena for three reasons: 1) bear low probability of interest travel, 2) UFO phenomena, erroneous events, wrong perceptions or even psychotic events, and 3) Avoiding the subject of social sciences. I think the vision that the scientific community can take is similar to what SETI has done to date: to find the noise of the sound.

UFO reporting may be "significant" "noise" signals, however small, explaining and denying some phenomena that can not be denied. If we take a new set of hypotheses about some of the high-tech and intelligent forms, some of these phenomena would go to specific hypotheses and could make a serious investigation.

Hell yeah, man. Hell yeah !!!

The great recommendations of Colombano are: in the direction of looking for the extraterrestrial life "speculative physics", Where physicists start from understanding our physics, but"With the will to expand opportunities for space time and energy"It is the only one that is considered as a research opinion on the ground in the mixing and UFOS research"very small
noise ratio signal".

Here you can read the whole paper, it is quite short and it's easy to get it, even if you're not red nougat.

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