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Ulises Jaitt will sue Carolina Papaleo to sue Natacha Jaitt's health statements – 02/27/2017

Since the meeting tragic death of Natacha Jaitt (1977-2019), at dawn on Saturday, many speculations have been made, some of which have been reproduced in the media.

In addition, the analysis of the case gave rise to unexpected twists and witnesses, Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte (47), the Paraguayan entrepreneur who expanded the complex of Xanadú was detained.

However, when Natacha's brother is, Ulises JaittShe asked for the request Carolina Papaleo (50) told me he had HIV.

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On Sunday, he is a panelist you are wrong (America, at 4.30 a.m.) was invited to the program Mauro Viale (71) Plain truth (In America, on Sunday 12, at 12:00 p.m.), talk about the death of the ancient model and think about his health.

All things happened during the debate, when the actress also told the journalist and the driver: "I had a virus and did not talk about it because it was part of privacy, I deduced that I had HIV. If we do not say it, tobacco seems to be capable of talking about HIV. "

"No, no, no, this is the private issue", an uncomfortable place that has quickly come to the forefront of the television presenter.

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That is true This conversation reached Ulysses' ears and, apparently, it will lead to Justice, or at least a Radio Director We are in the morning (Thirteen, 9).

"There are several false doctors (doctors)There are many operations against Natacha and Natacha I do not enter this land, because it's private, my sister's health"said the media brothers according to the mobile-driven cycle Fabian Doman (54).

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Closed: "And whoever talks about that subject (Carolina) Papaleo already begs the request"Also, to say hello, Ulysses assured him"press operations".

According to her story, her sister died, she also stated in her last Twitter account. Meanwhile, Duarte detained "false testimony"It seems to have revived its suspicions.

"(Duarte) My sister took a mobile phone preparing for a deathIn spite of the fact that the telephone and what happened, nobody wanted to make a crime, "Ulises said.


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