Tuesday , January 25 2022

Understandably, the doctor brought a cream for bleeding dysfunction


An unusual case is due to the Scottish medical community in Glasgow. A woman must be urgent after applying, as a result of mistakes, fiber dysfunction eye cream. As the local media reported, it sold the drug dealer I heard the letter recipe

The news was cleared thanks to the publication of BMJ Case Reports. To the patient, he was not identified, he needed medication eye agility. But he started to use the remedies he was given in a pharmacy to germinate on the eyelid and visually fuzzy.

Upon arriving at the police, the doctors saw the defect of the professional who sold the cream. In the publication, they first explained that the ophthalmologist ordered the VitA-POS, an ointment that protects and moisturizes the eye surface. But the chemist gave Vitaros a cream to save dysfunction in men over the age of 18.

Due to an error, the woman He smoked a gentle eye. After the event, they treated injections, drops and lubricants to prevent discomfort in the visual.

The doctors prepared the reports that colleagues should write in capital letters when they needed the name of the medication, since these misunderstandings are common: A recipe error affects one of the 20 recipes affected.

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