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Unexpected and unexpected one-year strategies | chronicle



Among many attributes, it would be the opinion of politicians, the choice is a fundamental meaning. However, the government announcing new increases of key elements, such as transport and energy, was a real water tank.

Perhaps he was encouraged that December did not force the kuku-nobility planned, because in previous years the streets of Buenos Aires had a greater disadvantage than the blessed works of the city than with marches or piolet. The executive decided that it was a good moment to decide if you would have to reduce the consumption of 31 cider, champagne … or juice from Argentina.

The new rates are rising at a rare time in Cambiemos: a part of critical citizenship Mauricio Macri Take a three-week holiday Marcos Peña the ship will take care of it. But it is also foreign to the energy secretary, Javier IguacelHe will be excluded from government and replaced Gustavo Lopetegui.

In fact, the powerful hands of the head of the cabinet was formerly in the memory of the forgetfulness of the media, in September after the usual legendary exchange, and was under the mystery of the "consultant" in the bank.

When Peña lost the power of Peña in 2018, she ended with the help of many presidents, the key to her home and the return of Lopetegi to a high profile position. 2019 elections will be held in October, compared to the increase in the rate of distance from these anxieties, and the voters will continue to use their hands to tighten their belts again (again). With the still wide opposition, whose benchmarks are sidelongers, the dreams of reelection seem more than those that would be dangerous.

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