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Unforgettable class, silence and fifty roses for the public: Luis Miguel's first show in Córdoba

The Mexican artist, known in Cordoba, was four years old and linked him to the public. Thus, Luis Miguel She met with the friends she came up with, giving her an ovation all afternoon.

The Mega show started 22 years before Mexican Sun. The stage went out of the left with a black suit and white shirt, with its style. In front of thousands of sighs of all ages, the star of the music never shines.

The love of a star and the audience stayed all over the night with the songs "I love", and in the old days he was able to see a great performer at the show.

The night started "If you have left" he continued "You alone" and he went like a lot of hits "Love, love, love", "Under table", "Unknown". When was the turn "Lie"The singer asked: "Do you know?"

(Video: Luis Miguel show, Instagram)

At night there were soothing moments with mild issues and euphoria was rarely. The artist was not missing from the scene so he could change clothes. He returned with a black shirt and a vest to make a chain.

When the explosion was heard "Decide" and Orpheus heard himself crying. It was finally flourishing king she is still loving; Greetings, squeezing hands and caresses were the gifts that were in the first line, as well as laughter, ball games and at the end of almost fifty pink concerts.

After leaving Luis Miguel for two hours, he left the stage with "Gracias Córdoba". He said goodbye to Buenos Aires to continue his career in 2019, which would be the protagonist of the Argentine Polo Championship on March 1 and 2.

Throughout his 36-year career, he has published 33 artist albums and sells more than 100 million records worldwide. In addition, Gold, Platinum and Diamond are certified by many. He also won Grammy and Grammy Latin 4.

After a long and half-year period, the well-known singer won the highest earned income in the Latin American artists.

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