Sunday , January 23 2022

UniCABA certifies that they are a "significant impact" on education – the Legislature of Porteña


The Dean of the School of Education Julio César Durand Austral defended the creation of the University of Teacher Training and certifies that the educational projects of all the organizations that are in the public policies are "articulated".

After the Buenos Aires Parliament, after the creation of UniCABA, the Dean of Education at the University of Australia, Julio César Durand, explores the initiative of the new Ikas Higher Education Center. the main training institutes of the teaching staff and "a great bet for educational changes".

In this sense, Durand "is an example of the Government's initiative to move the educational agenda, incorporating something dangerous in the management of the city," he stressed that "the University of the Teachers' can be created" to have a major impact on primary educational changes, decades of cosmetic expressions and changes after passing ".

"Being a large number of Teacher Training Institutes is a true anachronism, it is difficult to find in other parts of the world, even a non-university university is still called, it is difficult to find a more stigmatized designation," he added "almost every country", a century later, they became integrated, private or Americans, especially as a vocational professional position positioning as a valid professional option. "

As regards the changes in the proposal that came into the Parliament of Buenos Aires, the Dean said that "in the first proposal, which was significantly improved, it was a new organization as well as being a university character, without limitless training through teaching and other training proposals, today and today change and uncertainty "and stressed that" 29 institutes already have an abandoned or moderate idea of ​​absorption or merger with a lot of history and recognition ".

"Using policies and good public incentives will help articulate educational projects for all organizations, because they are aware of the resources that each academic community has in implementing itself," he stressed and argued. "From now on, the evidence gathered needs important changes to face the new educational context and current institutes face these challenges. "

In the end, Durand believes that "creativity is that the trade unions rebuild the practice of traditional extortion again: a violent manifestation is not an idea to exchange and propose an alternative" to overcome what they think, "and" the real focus should not be overlooked is real professionalism to achieve social recognition of teaching. "

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