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United States government's first sentence on Amazonian revisions

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and its owner, Naftula Jacobowitz, USD8.8 million dolmen punished, Amazon buy fake reviews.

Cure Encapsulation paid a third-party website to publish five-star ratings and positive opinions Garcinia Cambogia for quality encapsulation, capsules to lose weight

According to a FTC statement, Cure Encapsulation paid to send fraudulent reviewsTo maintain an average feeding supplement 4.3 stars in Amazon.

In fake reviews, capsules were famine and suppressant block the fat formation in the body

Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC Office of Consumer Protection, said through a communicationOr: "People trust you when you buy opinions online. The company buys false reviews to inflate its Amazon ratings, It harms buyers and businesses who meet the rules ".

This is the first time that the FTC participates in a fraudulent use case. Amazon has already made efforts to eradicate its false opinions from its platform.

Only in 2015, Jeff Bezos asked about 1,114 people about the product that sued the opinion.

Amazon was happy because the FTC participated In this case, they help to guarantee one of their goals, to protect their integrity in their platforms.

FTC resolution against Cure EncapsulatioIt collects a fine of $ 12.8 million, of which They will be exempt when they meet their tax obligations, proving that they do not have the wrong information about their economic situation, In addition to USD50,000 payments.

Besides, Cure Encapsulation will be prohibited by writing reviews Fats block, lose weight or remove appetite for any supplemental nutrition or medication similar to any product, Without scientific evidence.

They also forced the company Consumers who bought capsules to send notifications via email Garcinia Cambogia for quality encapsulations to inform you about accusations of false reviews of your efficiency.

In the end, the request is made by advocates Notify Amazon, Inc. They bought reviews and identify in famous sites.

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