Monday , October 18 2021

Unknown process: dust particles released from Sahara have found anti-gravity distances


Large numbers of dust particles in the Sahara desert came to a distance 3,500 kilometersWhat could be in the Caribbean? contributing to global warming, According to a study carried out by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Marine Research (NIOZ) and recently published in Science Advancements.

Powder causes a delicate balance with the sun's intake and Earth emission, the development of tropical cycles and the formation of clouds. The winds are transporting dust particles to the west of the Sahara.

The researchers analyzed the rags of mobile and underwater sediment vessels in five places between 2013 and 2016.

"The ideas that already exist do not think that the long distances traveling by the massive particles into the atmosphere are suggested as an atmosphere process or The process combination is still unknown, which keeps them in the air, "said one of the authors of Giles Harrison's research, according to science website.

"Until now, it is an important proof of dust and ash that causes particles radiation transfer Around the earth and carbon cycles in oceans"Harrison added.

The role of large particles is underestimated

In addition, it is the number of patrol found 0.45 millimeters in diameterIt almost all means 50 times higher Scientists thought that it was possible to transport this distance through global winds.

The authors of the study have argued that the role of reflection in particles, particularly quartz, cloud formation and the ocean carbon cycle has been emphasized.

According to researchers, their role in the environment, with unstable long-term effects, It should be included in climate models in the future

Likewise, research suggests that atmospheric emissions are higher than rain and not gravity. It has implications for the oceans, because the drops of particles are acidic. In addition, large particles are combined faster and nutrients are transported to the deepest part of the ocean.

Two factors algae growth effect and, therefore, nutrition chains and the carbon cycle in the ocean.

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