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Until the daylight of the sun was opened


December 17, 2017

He took a wonderful picture Parker Solar Probe, the official camera of the ship NASA never achieved the depth.

Parker Solar Probe The boat is an official camera NASA, and in recent days he got something really historic and captured it in a picture.

The ship will gradually become its mission, to bring it closer to the sun for the next six years, In space only 4 months were unthinkable.

That's why the image that generates the mix between scientists among the general public soon came to the atmosphere of the sun, 27.1 million kilometers.

Twitter: @NASASun

Even at that distance, it was a spectacular image of a planet mercuryIt is a bright horizontal line that emerges from the star, one of the biggest NASA projects that approach the sun.

The image corresponds to the combination of some photographs that took 12-hour intervals, and then joined together to be more demanding in the same space. The reflection of the fusion is a dark place to see next to Mercury, with repetitions at different times.

"This was necessary because it was enough dust to be around the solar system and the" average "photos left the group unattractively removed from the dust of the image," he said. Mashable Russ Howard, scientific project leader.

Parker Solar Probe's camera is about 437 ° C and has an eight-inch heat shield. Deeper, the temperature can reach 1370 ° C.

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