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Urtubey wants to join the Frontier Progressive with the armed opposition 2019 and talk with Scioli-El Eco


The Governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, has warned yesterday that the opposition party that won the 2019 election must be "a broader construction than the party," saying it is "not reaching Peronism" and "speak". Progressive progress by Miguel Lifschitz.

The president of Salta also stated that he was an Interview with Front of Victory and former candidate former deputy Daniel Scioli, facing the 2019 armed vote.

"It must be a much wider construction than the Partisans, it's not enough with Peronism, we need to do something bigger," said Saskate Governor, the Peronist sector, as an alternative to Kirchnerism.

However, the arguments about the strength of socialism in Santa Fe differentiate those from other winged leaders from the Peronism, the leader of the Justicialist Bloc of Miguel Pichetto, "left" and "progressive."

The president of Salta stressed that "Alternative Peronism's Missions Renewing Party is already participating in this space" and "surely the same will happen with the Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN), together with Río Negro, with the people of Santiago del Estero" and "It also speaks to the provinces that do not govern, but they have the power".

Alternative against

"We are also talking about the Progressive Front, in order to make the idea as broad as possible," said Urtubey in an interview with Radio Continental, referring to the political space led by Michael Lifschitz in the Santa Fe party. She showed a few days ago.

In this sense, the Peronist emphasized that "we must offer a better option because it is not said by the majority of the Government."

"We are in the midst of the phase of the construction of the space, then the time of the candidates and the campaigns, all of which want an alternative to overcoming convergence was a common space." Essentially, crack is trying to offer something better than just another alternative, "he stressed.

Conversations with Scioli

If the national deputy Daniel Scioli were part of the Navy Army, Salteño said: "I talked to him, what he must do."

The northern governor also confirmed that this new space does not have former President Cristina Kirchner: "If we build a space in Kristian Kirchner inside we will not offer anything new".

Although he acknowledged that the power of the votes of the leader Unidad Ciudadana would be lost, Urtubey said that he wants "another space, another proposal".

In the end, as the candidates asked how they were defined in this opposition front, Peronist said that "the system promotes the participation of PASS. That would be great, because democracy is not the decision made by the people."

Controversy against his opinions

On the other hand, the governor of Salta confirmed that he had "misinterpreted" statements about his "salaried soldier", but admitted he could "be clearer" and announced that his salaries would be sold to public welfare entities.

Urtubey said that, after the controversy that was set up on Friday, when he asked when he got the salary, he replied: "The governor's salary, no, I'm fortunate enough, I'm farming, pig raising, and so I'm doing it better every year, sometimes No, but we are fighting. "

Through Twitter's social network, Salta said yesterday that "statements were wrong" and that his statements were "out of context" and then he clarified: "I admit it may be clearer, but I do not recognize bad faith."

"I remind you that our private activity means that politics is not my life and my family base. I do not live in politics. I live in politics," said Salteño, and concluded: "That's why it has been clear to my governor of pay my public welfare organizations in my province my time I decided to give it to the end. " (NA)

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