Wednesday , October 20 2021

US and commercial tensions: Argentine shares in Wall Street lost 8 per cent


The bad start in the main Wall Street weekdays has been in the Argentine sales market., mainly banks that lost less than 8 percent less than before the end of the round.

In this way, Dow Jones made 2.11%, S & P 500 2.1% and Nasdaq technology, 2.27%. Burts today looked at the Federal Reserve, whose monetary committee agreed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

New York's place has been since last week: Dow Jones Monday through Friday, 4.50% and Nasdaq, 4.93%.

The shares mentioned by ADR certificates are generally reduced in Argentina. In this context, benchmarking is low, with losses exceeding 8 percentage points. Banco Supervielle (-8.2%) declined. Afterwards, Banco Macro (-8.0%), Grupo Financiero Galícia (7.7%) and Banco Francés (6.7%).

Energy companies also fell: Pampas (-4.5%), YPF (-5.1%) and TGS (-2.5%). Other significant falls: Free Market (-4.9%) and IRSA (-4.5%).

"In keeping with the external markets, Merval declined this week, the trend last week fell by 1.4%. On time, port markets fell by 3.9%. 30,000 points to 29,975 points drilling, "Portfolio Personal Inversions description.

Rava Bursátil describes the local context and "Hard Stumble recorded the main roles he began in the third week of December"" It is likely that some local factors have also been damaged, but in the short term, there is no longer the sending of North American markets, "explains the analyst. Eduardo FernándezOne of the problems that most of the world's investments are worried about is the US and Chinese trade war, and the FED rises.

It had a 711-million-dollar operating volume for the financial sector of Galicia (-7.3), Banco Macro (-7.1%), Banco Francés (-6.3%) and Banco Superville (-5.6%), on the head On the other hand, Aluar (+ 2.3%), Petrobras (+ 0.8%) and Edenor (+ 0.2%) only saw profits.

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