Friday , August 19 2022

Usually internal elections are held in MPN-Télam


A blue list will be included, directed by Governor Omar Gutiérrez, and Violeta, head of the province's governor Rolando Figueroa.

Gutierrez will go to his polls as Chairman of the Banco Provincia de Neuquén, Marcos Koopmann Irizar, as an executive rebel, in order to get Figueroa's government to arrive at the lawyer Carla Castiglione.

After his vote, Gutiérrez, in the interview with the press, "the electoral process has begun with full normality, and the provincial boards have opened up at all times and we are enjoying ourselves as a democracy in the province of Neuquén".

In addition, he emphasized that the MPN is "the only political project that the candidates choose to face the participation of citizens in the country and the result of a recognition criteria and that the candidates elect elections". to know what ideas are, to return to the thinking, proposal and election platform of the Neuquén people ".

"It is a supporter of the creation and creation of a political project and dreams, hopes, confidence and hope for the part of the motor and transformation party, the fate becoming a reality for the greatness of this beloved province," the governor concluded.

Currently, the governor, deputy governor, provincial deputy, will select 57 common meetings (including the city of Neuquén), councilors and elected school counselors.

According to the MPN electoral list, 420,000 people of any province of the province, voted and independent, are able to vote and, this time, the party authorities have determined the voting option of young people between 16 and 17 years old. voter registration.

The election day began on 9 and 63 schools closed the number of 631 polling stations.

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