Wednesday , February 1 2023

"Vaccines have killed 3 million people every year" | chronicle


After a week following the national follow-up against rubella and rubella, the old model The Gisela Barreto vaccine provided controversial anti-report reports. "Part of the mass slaughter of the population are vaccinations," Barreto said in his television program he was invited to investigate on the Internet "Harmful effects against vaccination".

"We want to destroy all of us, they have appeared and show us as something that cures and saves us, but part of our death is how we will show you." said the old model "HPV is one of the most toxic vaccines." Immediately, the specialists emphasized the importance of applying HPV vaccine to the cancer of the uterus that causes the virus and 1,800 female deaths in our country.

She was somewhat embarrassing, Barret argued with her doctor's support Chinca BrandolinoThe doctor was one of the leaders of the movement "Save both lives." "Vaccines are scary and they create autism, when you are taking vaccinations and you are scared, we can apply a vaccine against tetanus, according to the doctor, the attack on children of the healthcare sector", add the media.

These words are placed in the context of campaign campaigns so that the vacations schedule is completed. Vaccinación y Epidemiología de la Sociedad Argentina (SAVE), confirmed the importance of vaccination, preventing 3 million deaths per year, 2.5 million children. "Together with water purification, they make up the most effective method for improving the health of people and increasing the life expectancy". They wrote at their own expense Twitter.

Additionally, after completing the follow-up campaign for pregnant women and ruben, there are 750,000 unlimited children in the additional triple dose virus. In this context, the vaccines are not an individual action "You protect yourself and your surroundings."

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