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Valeria Lynch said she had hired a detective to verify that her former partners were not


Sunday, 02 of December of 2007, 11:51

Andy Kusnetzoff His program, PH, Podemos Tallar, was consulted by guests, If they were never there or not. Valeria Lynch He left the message and surprised all his colleagues with a confession.

"I was very bad and they caught me, I had to follow people with a detective"said the singer firmly, but the temptation to laugh. "To (Hector) Cavallero?", ask me Andy, wide-eyed, referring to his partner and his father's two children. He replied with a positive gesture.

"Yes. (Detective) I sent him a piece of information and I never bind him. I wanted to chat, I knew, I could not say that!", he laughed.

Following the joke, Andy He consulted: "And does the detective never find you with? Did not you know that Cavallero paid more?"

"No, it's great, I'm saying it happened because it was thirty or more years ago," he added.

"What do you think of a detective? Who gives you the device?" he asked Federico Bal, Another invited cycle. He replied: "I do not remember, I do not think I am the only one I have done … It told me everything, from eight in the morning to ten at night."

She added: "I was not married at the time, nor even that day, I was not lucky enough to pay."

Lynch It was finally revealed Horse He admitted that he was not the only one: "I have expanded so much to say yes".

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