Wednesday , July 6 2022

Valeria Mazza defended Alejandro Gravier: "It was fun, he did not ask anything"


In PH We Can Speak, the model said that she was a child and she was a joke of her husband.

Valeria Mazza defended Alejandro Gravier at PH:

Visit Valeria Mazza (46) a Mirtha night He had the effect of the feminist model of significance, above all, he reiterated the driver asking him to be true Alejandro Gravier (58), her husband, even her representative, loses her after each pregnancy. in PH We can talk he clarified the problem.

"I think it was so funny that Ibarretxe seemed fun, but Gravier tyrant has appeared and it's not like that, because I had very good pregnancies, I had 20 pounds during pregnancy, I had never had any fun during pregnancy, to work well and go back to work."

"I thought it was very nice because I thought it was very funny, but then it appeared" Gravier tyrant ", which is not the case," he began by minimizing the controversy. "I had very pleasant pregnancies, I gained 20 kilos during pregnancy, I did not work during pregnancy, I enjoyed the kids, and when I started working I started working, so my kids took three years: I took some time to recover and go back to work I was very fond of it and did not ask for anything, "said the top model, the mother of four children.

"Is it true that a boy showed you more than once by your husband, and he said:" Do you have to be lazy again? "Mirtha asked, a week earlier, that Valeria was invited." Damn, damned! Of course, I am going to go against nature, not because women do not suffer, I will put your body in love with all my love, I believe that there is no love for the gods more than my mother, and I have had four times the body and four wonderful natural births, but you are never It will be the same, when you change everything you live, but I've always tried to give the best, "he said.

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