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Valeria Mazza: "I do not feel women less, because a man divides them with certain attitudes"


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Feminism is a topic that always raises controversy, and these days,

Valeria Mazza

It was because of the look of the storm. first
Afternoon program, with his friend Maju Lozano, and
After having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, the model did not think what she thought. We have invited you
PH: we can talkLast week he was in charge of clarifying some of the circulation in the press.

"I did not make statements, we talked among women, among friends … I went to the Maju program, we were a member of the Paraná nursery school, and I was a woman, women, women," he clarified. "With all my love in the world, I said that I am in favor of their rights, they do not have justice, but I think that they are not the same as men, I am in favor of the fight, but I do not like that for females."

Valeria told her how she lived the consequences of her meaning. "The controversial word appeared somewhere, people who began to express opinions, but in fact, 98% of what I saw told me I was very pleased." I do not think that's why women talk about femininity, "he explained." I think people are very aggressive with all the problems, everything is controversial, it's not very good and we are in defense, in diversity, I respect everything and I think we can talk ".

"I love the gentleman I said, and I do not feel bad or attack, when a man opens the door." My attitude is not to think "I think I can not do it", my attitude is "Thank you." My beloved gentleman, I'm romantic, I do not feel women any less, because he distributes men with certain attitudes, "he said." I think custom, education, good taste, and if you do not like it, it's perfect, do not accept it. "

We recognize the models that we live in society. "Women have won a lot of battles, but we still have a lot to do, if you look back at 30 or 50 years ago, women have a special role in society," he reflected. "Today, women have an active and more active role, that's great, and they have been battles, revolutions and much more."

In the case of Andy Kusnetzoff, Valerio said at an Meckhah's desk that he mentioned an anecdote, where her husband, Alejandro Gravier,
After birth, she showed photos of pregnancy to recover the image. "He went on and told me:" Look, you have to be this, "and I laughed so it's fun and fun," he said. "It's not a tyrant, but I was very pleased with pregnancies I won 20 kilos each and then I trained and worked well, but I never asked for anything. "

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