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Veronica Lozano's scary response to a follow-up reminder

The driver to retrieve the revision of the sweepstakes for the square meter of the New York subway.

Veronica Lozano Enjoy pure cruise trips. This means that the driver has traveled with his best friends to New York to have experience with Fashion Week.

When the celebrity celebration was over, women stayed in the city to relax. The short guide by Cortá by Lozano shared with the fans at various times shared. As always.

Veronica posted a video in the New York subway on her Instagram profile. The content loaded on its network is seen next to a local man. Together they sang the best known verse in the world. The song that interprets together is the Baby Come Back player.

And while many believed, others did not hesitate to cry in heaven. When he saw the fun of the NYC subway, a stranger surprised himself and refused to refuse himself.

"Why do not you travel to the subway in Buenos Aires at the start of the weekend? Forr …" he said.

However, when Veronica Lozano left her, she faced and responded. Outraged, the bet doubled and he replied: "Sobgar name Edgar ring, face …".

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