Sunday , May 9 2021

Verónica Operation: Ojeda with the Maradona clinic

He asked when he did the checks Mexican Federation To work in that town, they found the bleeding they had to close before returning to Sinaloa. The operation lasted only an hour and ten hospitalized and if the doctor continues, everything is canceled and returned home. Maradona prefers to travel to Mexico as soon as possible and express himself around Tuesday or Wednesday, for the trip that Dorados will take care of.

However, in recent hours, the Bolivian presidents appeared, Evo Morales, who said he wanted to be a team coach, so we should see what his final decision was. Diego arrived at the clinic six thirty afternoon. Accompanied by her sisters and friends Veronica Ojeda! Yes, he got access to information DAILY POPULARVeronica was next to her son's father.

Diego and Verónica have been very successful today. Fernando Dieguito took it to ten homes, in Nordelta, something that had never happened, since he was always responsible for this meeting.

Diego is the privilege he loves and Veronica is a woman who really loves him and that's why he is closer to his son. On January 4, when Diego was in the midst of the scene, fans informed the rumors that they urged that stomach bleeding was urgent. However, Diego left the clinic a few hours later in the framework of journalists, cameramen and photographers.

A little more relaxed, Diego spoke to the press and said: "I went to the clinic to resonate. Idiots are ants, they are everywhere. Anything happened, but love does not change; I all wanted it. I'll make it with Dorados," he said .

He added: "The smile that my grandson comes with me, Diego's son, complete with my whole family, can not be mistaken. I got into the clinic for 59 years and I was 50. I always waited for the stupid but I laughed. will go. "


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