Wednesday , October 27 2021

Vic-astronomers have found a strange fossil universe


Contemporary astronomers have led to the discovery of a rare fossil in a distant universe that illuminates the emergence of galaxies.

The use of the strongest optical telescope in Hawaii has found a gas cloud relic and shines with a whirlwind material from a giant black hole that was behind it, according to research released on Tuesday.

Swinburne University of Technology PhD student Fred Robert and Professor Michael Murphy's research opened the door to the Big Bang foliar relics.

"Everywhere we look, the universe's gas stories are bursting with bursts of burst-heavy items. But this cloud is obvious, Big Bang's 1.5-million-year-old stars are not even nice," Mr Robert said.

"If it goes hand in hand with heavy elements, it must be under 1 / 10,000 times the proportion that we see in our sun, which is very small: the strongest explanation is the relic of the Big Bang."

The researchers of John O & # 39; Meara and Michele Fumagalli discovered the known clouds of fossil 2011.

"These were the serendipitous discoveries and we thought it was an ice tip. But no one found anything similar, it's clearly very rare and difficult to see," said Professor O & # 39; Meara.

"Now it's fantastic, finally, to discover it systematically"

The Monthly Adverbs of the Royal Astronomy Society will be published.

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