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Victims have psychological help

The Ministry of Health of Chubut seeks to establish a special psychological support plan for the victims of hantavirus and also the rest of the community of the Andean Community, which caused five deaths within a week. Apart from the measures taken to control the transfer channels, those in charge of Health in Esquel called for all the regional psychologists to face up to date, as reported by Río Negro. Jorge Elías, Director of the Programming Room, "is a very complex day of day" in Epuyén, located in the north of Chubut. Hantavirus hired 12 people from the beginning of November, including five dead.

4,000 people live in Epuyen, and the story of success has totally ruined the lives of the people, especially in the workplace of victims. A deceased was a municipal worker and the woman who had the same fate worked in the hospital. They are full families, the elderly and the 30-year-old daughter are among the most serious cases. Elías points out that the citizens are "emotionally broken" and that they have set a "psychosocial approach" to work in the past weekend. Esquel and all the local psychologists (a dozen or so) and "operational plan", together with the workforce of three professionals, including the hospital, the municipality and the third-party workers. directly with the families of the victims of the occurrence.

According to Rio, according to Elias, another measure would include blood samples of 180 people from the infected person, "to check if they have no contact with the virus, even if they do not show any symptoms". According to the survey, the population of Epuy reached almost 5%. On Monday morning, a teenage 15-year-old woman was released from the positive record of the illness, and she spent more than a week in intense care.

Two critical cases

According to the latest section provided by the Ministry of Health, there are two more people in a "critical situation" therapies and the third in isolation. All are Epuyen neighbors. Elijah has repeatedly explained that those with a high probability that they do not endanger the virus, but "a person's infection" has occurred. Originally it was a birthday party held at the beginning of November and a young man who had already been declared.

According to a specialist, human-to-human transmission is an exclusive feature of the Andes virus. Something that does not happen with other North American, European and Asian tensions, where the only vector is rodents. Although they are not full evidence, "in this case it is suspected and suspected of humanitarian contamination," said Elías. "Nowadays, when the occurrence is in the third link of the transmission," said one of the original contaminants infected some of the party, and the virus was also passed by other contacts.

Elias said "from the back, the evolution of the appearance will reach the plateau and not exceed the fourth link," "the limit to reach" would begin to decline and begin to decline. However, he clarified that each new positive case detected maintains a "maximum alert" of 21 days, requiring a protocol, including strict control of risk groups.

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