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Vidal and Rodríguez Larreta, the governor Mendoza and Jujuy announce the progress of the elections

When Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales told Mauricio Macri that they were called to Villa Angostura, they talked about the process of the election process begun. Elections would be in the best day of national government, although they both advised them to ensure re-election, María Eugenia Vidal decided to go to Buenos Aires province. "We will see" was the answer given by the President at that time.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was not convinced in a convincing way. All We need to change the neighborhood bosses, the only ones should be unitedBut knowing that the governor of Buenos Aires had another project, he did not develop a particular attitude in the congress, but decided to make any decision that he intended.

Incidentally, everything changed to prevent Vidal from going ahead. Cornejo and Morales learned through the media, Nobody told you that this ad came. Now, they fit into two groups, they feel the freedom to make decisions Which one is the most successful win?

Thus, the governor Mendoza announced a few days ago to help the candidate Harvest Festival UCR, Martin Carner's Finance Minister, or the Mayor Rodolfo Suarez Mendoza. One of them would be competing with STEP, on July 9, Cambiemos, Omar De Marchi, Mayor Luján de Cuyo, who will compete for the PRO. The chosen one, the governor is very likely, because Peronism does not have any competing candidates. du Governor's elections were held in September.

The election process in Jujuy is easier. The primary ones are not enabled and there is no second round. So it goes straight to the governorate elections, and joined in 2015. However, this year it is possible to divide it, although Morales "helped the province of Macrín to be very grateful", the governor believes that the president will help him more towards the victory over national elections. The stage of raising the winning arm "Jujuy will discount the victory.

They do not want to progress officially. "The Governor wishes to negotiate with the Government, as far as possible, for the promotion of anyone"he assured himself.

In the two provinces no one explicitly says, but the fall of Macri's images Critical economic situation that encourages the leaders of the neighborhood. Conversely, if the City Council, when competitive elections are available, could reflect the government's aspects, Rodriguez Larreta should join.

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