Monday , September 26 2022

Vidal will pay a bonus of 7 thousand dollars before Christmas


The official closure of the year would pay a basic salary of 3 percent. Also, the payment of bonus progress, the governor announced yesterday with other social assistance measures

Vidal will pay a bonus of 7 thousand dollars before Christmas

With Vidal retirees, before announcing the strengthening of the provincial / social governance aid

María Eugenia Vidal yesterday said that some measures implemented to give support to sectors with fewer resources. But, at the same time, it wants to close the negotiation negotiated with the unions in the United States, along with the progress of the newspaper, to pay a bonus and to provide a new basic salary.

In this context, the Province has already decided to move forward with a different national scheme. For the moment, Mauricio Macrio's administration would have a bonus of 5,000 pesos: they would be around 7,000 million.

But it is also not paid in two installments by domestic domestic employees. Vidal, in a transpired way, should pay in one installment and Gabon in terms of staff. In the case of training, education and police will be taken together with other sectors of the teaching sector.

Yesterday, Vidal made the Prime Minister's meetings held between ministers and trade unionists. And announced that the bonus payment will continue in the first days of the next month.

In general, the Provincial Week is paid on Christmas Eve for additional annual salary, but the governor had to pay a few weeks before. Thus, when he had taken the temperament he had in June, he had previously granted payment.

As it has been said, there is an open negotiation with the state, which could be a formal parity in the following days. In the midst of an already powerful secret, this newspaper could find a bonus of $ 7 thousand.

The offer does not end in convince some unions for different realities of each sector. Regarding regular regime workers, the effect is not so important, since the sum is fixed. On the other hand, for the 30-hour weekly system, these 7,000 million have a higher income percentage.

Another part of the offer, like a week in the official sources, is the percentage of the rise that will cause the base. There is a conference between 2 and 3 points in the wages of December. But parties' polls have begun.


Negotiations are complicated, as state-owned workers have agreed to a 30 percent increase in inflation against up to 45%. The distance, still counting bonus, is still great.

Vidal's offer, after the completion of the next days, has set warning lights among the leaders of the running party. That is why it is pushing for negotiations with the workers.

The mayor has a complex scenario for the Province to pay about $ 14 billion and to pay for the subsidy for electricity.

In the midst of the debate, the governor yesterday joined a Lanús grandparents club and announced measures for small-sized sectors, retirees with less than 10 thousand pesos and beneficiaries of social plans.

"We work harder with Buenos Aires than those who need it, it is much more difficult," he said, announcing that they will end up at the end of the year.

"We are sure that we will move forward, not a government or a political space, but the effort we see every day," the president added.

"We are governed by everyone," he said at the party party in Lanús, "where the province can take its place, it could be time to spend better in Buenos Aires and Argentina. We will continue."

Vidal explained that "Argentina, Buenos Aires, families, retirees and retired people have been struggling to fight, work and family with the hard-working years of the province's workers."

In this regard, he emphasized that "we will carry out the payment of the bonus of all the provincial government employees, which will be effective in the first days of December", for 585 thousand people.

In addition, he announced that "a bonus of $ 3,500 will be paid for retirees and pensioners who earn money less than 10 thousand pesos, and we believe that strengthening is necessary, especially for those who earn less. Let's take it for years to improve and relax."

In addition, "700 beneficiaries of the Life Plan will be given more than 700 residents, the most important provincial placement: over 300 thousand mothers and over six years old", "Christmas basket holiday".

In the end, he announced that "a 50% discount on the production will be extended to food and hygiene purchases" next month, customers of the Banco Province, including "Christmas cart products".

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