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VIDEO: Astronomers find a strange "empty garbage bag" floating in a kaotic space

A group of astronomers has discovered a mysterious object that orbits the Earth's horizon in a chaotic manner, and the atmosphere of our planet has been introduced within a few months.

The London Northolt Branch Observatory first saw the A10bMLz object on January 25 using an ATLAS telescope located in Hawaii (USA). Observatory experts believe that "light piece of material", possibly metal paper, after the start of a rocket, but they do not know when and where it started.

Astronomers have been named Objects A10bML "garbage bag empty"This mysterious body would be several meters wide and less than 1 kilogram". The peculiarity of this object is the Earth is orbiting. "Balanced unusual and backwards", An average distance of 262,000 kilometers.

"The orbit is very elliptical, with a perigee Only 600 km above the Earth's surface and Apogee 1.4 times farther than the Moon, "said the observatory, a small mass A10bML, under pressure from solar radiation, changing its orbit in a chaotic manner. time scale from day to day".

As a result, astronomers emphasize that it is impossible to trust the future of the object to be trusted. Even though I do not exclude myself Return to the Earth's atmosphere in a few months.

"Nowadays, We have no idea of ​​origin"A10bMLz also underlined the Pluton project's astronomy project developers, not having a record of a last lunar volume, but compares it to the object's bag with a plastic bag.

"This is because it's mostly His past career is very uncertain. Like a garbage bag on the street, it moves to the groin in a predetermined way (the wind moves), "he explained the project in Pluto, through Earth or Moon or through Earth's" Moon. "

It's not the first time we've found our "pure bag of balance" in our planet orbit, but the first orbit is so far away.

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