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Video: "Most obesity in the world" transformation |

The "obese child in the world" suffered a profound treatment, losing half its weight. Recovery touched on social networks and the video that shows the current look has multiplied and is very shared.

According to Miter's website, Arya Permana, an Indonesian boy, at the age of 12, was known worldwide in 200 kilos of 201 kg in 2016. Caters News agency recently pursued the case, Collecting Material.

His overcoming history has moved a lot. The video that shows the video was redirected through social media.

The newspaper's report revealed a historic improvement, overcame the limits of its country and in the last few hours it was viral.

That is, Arya Permana, a Indonesian boy, at the age of 12, was responsible for collecting material from the Caters News Agency.

After a detailed treatment, he left the nickname of "the obese child in the world," to reach 100 kilowatt days.

After the illness, he is currently doing 5 kilometers every day, and as the newspaper's report explains, he goes further. Arya is a dreamer of being a footballer, England's Liverpool fan, and will try to lose another 40 pounds.

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