Monday , October 25 2021

Video: The reaction of the river riders arrived in the United Arab Emirates when the team was expelled – 12/19/2014


Eighteen flight hours afterwards, invested thousands of millions and all the excitement, a great group of fans River He came to the United Arab Emirates this afternoon to see the final of the Club World Cup. However, when they migrated to the city of Dubai, they found out Al-Ain, an unbelievable defeat against the blackouts.

In front of the frustration, a fan recorded moment and the reactions became viral.

"You can not believe this, boludo … Listen to the Wi-Fi extension for a 18-hour loop … Extension of Migration Queue to criminals … And enter my turn to enter the territory dubaiense, 5-4. I am a cholera … for a camel. What can I do here? You can not believe it. Look at the ortho-face of the river plates, "he says he has taken to the cinema to recover his baggage, still in Dubai International Airport.

"Because you're laughing at shopping," she tells her wife later. And it ends: "What time does the flight take?"

Today, the contingent of fans arrived in the Arabian country when the supposed dream came to an end Erreka and Real Madrid (The Spanish team will be determined on Wednesday against Japan's Kashima). However, they need to find a way to change games in third place.

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