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Video: when a car drives and a robber dies – 2013/12/27

A driver was stolen and killed a thief in an entrance to Rosario. The incident occurred at noon on the 25th of this month, a group of criminals crossed the Avenida de la Circunvalación to stop the cars, which is linked to the Santa Fe city of Buenos Aires.

The 65-year-old man's car accelerated the invasion and killed a 19-year-old man.

The attack was recorded in a security camera in the air. The images were opened and three of them attempted to stop the vehicles that stopped watching the asphalt vehicles by jogging along the road.

Throughout the signal, you can see how the criminals see the route, and stop trying to stop the passage of a vehicle again and again. It has a stick, another seems like a gun.

In the video, the exact moment of the impact is detected. Jeremías Espinoza, 19, died. His complicit police stopped a few hours later. The recording is corroborated by the prosecutor's hypothesis: he accelerated the motorbike and tried to attack the robbers.

The vehicle escaped, but went to the police station and brought it to justice. He said that he had not had the story and had not checked it afterwards.

The prosecutor Walter Jurado was appointed a file called "failed" in the Unit Unit that is in charge of the investigation.

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