Saturday , June 10 2023

VIDEOS, PHOTOS: The hostel's passengers see a luggage carrier


Twenty-five passengers from Frontier Airlines, who traveled to Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) from the MacCarran International Airport this weekend, under the direction of Florida, tried to break an aircraft engine. air, reports KSNV.

Some travelers record their photos and videos, the wonderful moment of the cover An Airbus 320 engine breaks down Shortly after maneuvering, it led to an emergency situation.

The flight crew continued the usual procedure for these cases and immediately returned to the airport, making emergency landing. A passenger does not suffer or harm 166 passengers.

"The engine has usually worked and the plane, Airbus A320, has landed well," said a press release released by Frontier Airlines.

"Image of the broken engine on my aunt's flight 260 […] He told everyone The travelers received a free breakfast check", He has indicated through Twitter via WGN-TV presenter.

To save his face, the plane compensated the passenger's full cost and an additional $ 500 coupon.

"The Security is our main priority We would like to acknowledge Frontier Airlines and the professionalism of our pilots and flight services, "added Frontier.

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