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Villalonga took part in wind farm generators tests

Awaiting the announcement of the official opening ceremony, the tests were carried out and Villalonga was a wind farm owned by Genneia.

For the next days, there is still no COD – or at the beginning of the commercial operation – it is calculated that there would be operations in January of the following year. The grade will be made in the middle of the next month.

In addition, the company should point out that construction work will end four months before the contract is planned. The works began in September 2017.

The wind farm Villalonga was tendered for 1st Round RenovAr program, and 15 wind turbines will be produced by 51.75 MW. To this end, Villalonga II will be added to the park, whose energy will be channeled to private markets (MATER).

Generators have a height of 87 meters between the ground and the central rotor line, each of which has a length of 66 meters. It connects an underground network that carries energy 33 / 132Kv for a transport station.

It will incorporate the National Energy-Related System ET Patagones-ET through the Pedro Luro network.

Villalonga and Stroeder are just 3 meters from the national stream.

The third airship will be launched after the inauguration of Ingeniero Mario Cebreiro (Pampa Energía, Bahía Blanca) and La Castellana (CP Renovables, Villarino).

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