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Visit to Manu Ginóbili's surprise at the Plaza de Saavedra – 28/08/2013

When Manu Ginóbili entered his hand, he left the square in the neighborhood of Saavedra without any damages. Surrounded by audiences, La Basket court basketball was the best Argentine basketball player in the history, nowadays she has her image on the ground and her autograph.

The aerial view of the mural is spectacular. From the blue floor, a giant Ginóbili Manu is created with Spurs's 20 T-shirts and a thumb up.

This Friday, when the first remodeling of the field was announced, Ginóbili was impressed to find it there. It was not only: over the years, he had three children.

In Bahia, then, he put his signature with a white spray and then recorded an advertising campaign, and there was no more detail. Before leaving, according to Saavedra Online, he welcomed some of the neighbors.

Just a few yards away from the general Easter, and after Sarmiento Park, the neighbors protected the Plaza de la Historia. In 2015, for example, the City Hall project was installed on the football field. The authors ordered the giraffes to be removed and the arches were placed.

But through an Internet campaign, the neighbors achieved signatures with this idea, and the 3×3 basketball court was renewed again.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Manu Murala is one of the most emblematic spaces in the city to play basketball. A drawing by Rodrigo Ojeda, whose goal, of course, is to promote basketball practice.

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