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VRUTAL / Konami reveals that the first ISS players are fake

If you grew up wearing soccer simulators Konami Make sure you call the name Allejo. His legend became an myth when he was nominated for one of the 10 most prestigious in Brazil, and was appointed in 2014 "The best Brazilian videogame world". A false documentary "Allejo Eterno" was created.

But where are the names coming from? Konami was not allowed to make real first International players Super Star Football to do it Super Nintendo In 1994 That's why I used it names invented and they try to repeat the color of their hair or skin to the most famous and least-known images around the world.

Years have specified these names, but now with them Konami revealed that the players really did. Now we all know that he was from Gomez as Romario and that Paz was Figo. Of course, Allejo has been mentioned in social media. And that's it even when Bebeto himself reacted It was born as an inspiration source.

"It's very nice to know, after so much time, I inspired Konami to create an Allejo, one of the most iconic video game characters, I would like to pay tribute to him." Thank you @KonamiBRA

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