Wednesday , September 28 2022

Waiter, what is this? SpaceX delivery is delayed one day through molded foods • Registered


The Reg It has never been noticed that rodents were too much to eat molds – but this is only a 24-hour delay in the SpaceX mission to the last International Space Station.

The 16th SpaceX supply mission 1316 EST (1816 UTC) was updated on December 5, NASA staffs found molds to provide food for the Rodent Research 8 (RR-8) experiment.

As NASA says, "it was found in food bars before Rodent Research, before sending them to SpaceX.The groups will use extra time to replace food bars."


They have recently become three to reach ISS


The lengthy series of early ISS investigations, the RR-8 began in October. The goal is to compare the comparison of aging physiology and illnesses compared to ISS in comparison with the young and old mice groups and on the Earth again.

The RR-8 project page explains: "Rodent Research-8 (RR-8) research, mice and older are the 30-40 day or 60-day International Space Station."

Astronauts double the pathology as a nurse, taking samples of mice tissue, to better inform the researchers of "loss of bone, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular decomposition, and improvements in bone marrow mass and strengthened illnesses."

Other 5,600 pound Dragon loaders (2,540 kilograms), Robotic Refleteing Mission 3 (demonstration of satellite-based services), and a tool for measuring the height of the forest cover, Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation. ®

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