Wednesday , February 1 2023

Wall Street once again fell by technology companies


Wall Street closed on Tuesday with high losses per second session and Industrial Dow Jones reduced its 2.21% main indicator by eliminating accumulated annual increases in the midst of a downturn in the technology sector.

Energy developments dropped sharply with oil prices, but retail trade also reduced weak declines with concerns about US economic growth.

Thus, the main indicators were the negative ones of 2018: Dowk 1.03% discount and S & P 500% 1.19% discount between January and January.

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq composite index dropped 1.70% on Tuesday and is red, with an annual rise of 0.08%.

The large corporative technology and FAANG respondents dropped by 12% in the 12 months, which are considered by the analysts as "bear phase". .

These are Facebook (+ 0.67%), Amazon (-1.11%), Apple (-4.78), Netflix (-1.34%) and Alphabet (0.29%), Google Matrix, Even though some of them closed closed the session slightly.

According to the sectors, the technological sector fell by 2.14% and it was not the main asset (-2.8%), but the greatest effect was energy (-3.29%), with international trade associated with the fall in oil prices.

The Texas bark was down 6.64% ($ 53.43), and Brent made 6.44% ($ 62.65), fears that slowed down in the world of economics, petroleum demand growth, and future offers.

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