Saturday , May 8 2021

Wanda Nara gave his assistant (and most luxurious) gifts: "You're worth this and much more"

The botine was surprised by Mony, his right hand and friend. Look!

Wanda Nara's luxurious assistant (Photos: Twitter)
Wanda Nara's luxurious assistant (Photos: Twitter)

There are many accessories, elegant designs, wallets, jewelry and other valuable things Wanda Nara Watched on networks However, this time, the woman Mauro Icardi He was surprised by the appearance of his mother.

"Happy to my assistant, on the right side, with friends and family! You deserve this and much more. I always love to work and close you to give you the least amount of your dream car. I'll always be there and our friendship is for me!"

"Happy to my assistant, right hand, friends and family! I deserve this and much more, I love to work with you and always close you. I give you the least of your dream car. You know I am and I will always be and our friendship is for me!"Wanda wrote Twitterbirthdays Mony.

Along with his greetings, Wanda shared with her new fans a shared vehicle that loved her entertainment, who had already loved her in the hearts of the clan and did not hide her happiness before this surprise.

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