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Wanda Nara played with fire and warmed up her hottest publication


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December 3, 2018

Blonde used to share sensuality and social networks in the week. "You need to burn it," he wrote provocatively.

In Milan, Italy, where he lives with his children and Mauro Icardi, his partner, Wanda Nara It shares content through its social networks and trends.

The model has more than 4,300,000 followers in its accounts InstagramUse your official account to interact with your followers every day.

Starting the first week of December, Wanda decided to share it with its followers full of sensuality.

Nara appeared super hot one blue sky body, the red lips painted and two large blue booties that switched on the nets.

He describes his description with the description: "Do not play with fire, you can burn it", with the help of an emoji imagined sua.

The comments quickly appeared, most of them praising the pair of Argentine selection, together with the number of favorites.

Broken heart: Wanda Nara showed his sadness
After fighting bravely against a disease, the dancer became known for his work in Showmatch, Pier FritzcheOn Tuesday he was 42 years old.

He told her about the loss of misfortune Wanda NaraAs a dance partner, remember to use sound networks to remember emotionally.

With his Instagram account he saw Fritzche sharing the different situations that he symbolized with the emotional heartbreaking emotion.

Where he decided to talk his friends to friends, he was his official account Twitter It has more than two million fans.

"Life is a moment, fun, dance, miss yourself, and happy to do this life! It was a wonderful person ? friends ? Forever #pierfritzsche" write Wanda.

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