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War between Huawei and Washington in the global 5G market

In the last week of February, the MWC 2019 telecommunications fair was held in Barcelona, ​​the largest in the world. This year, the largest delegations from the United States came to the United States: State Departments, Department of Defense and Trade, International Development Agency and senior officials of other non-governmental organizations.

& # 39; Batailoi & # 39; This horrible thing to persuade telecommunication operators in other countries Huawei Technologies Co. It was essential to cooperate with Chinese companies, ironically, not just one of the biggest showcases, but also one. main sponsors.

Washington has accused the Chinese government of the technological giant spying. Huawei is the world's largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer. Another area of ​​its domain is the fifth-generation (5G) technology. The company is among the three major smartphone manufacturers. Huawei's revenue for 2018, according to preliminary data, amounted to $ 108.5 billion (21% more than in the previous year).

Good publicity

Spy is the main complaint against the Huawei filed by the United States, but it's not the only one. The United States denounces Chinese companies that infringe intellectual property and US crimes. This is the financial director Huawei and daughter of the founder Meng Wanzhou, arrested by the US Department of Justice. 1st December 2018 in Canada.

Huawei, at the same time, sued the U.S. government, prompting US companies to make illegal use of their equipment.

Until 2018, Huawei was not known outside of China. But during the three months arrested by Meng Wanzhou, the company's attacks attacked irresponsibly good publicity. Now it's one of the most prestigious companies on the planet.

The Chinese have fought

Recently, Huawei executives changed tactics from passive defense to active attacks. At the Barcelona Fair, the company signed an agreement with the closest allies to the United States of America, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Huawei has agreed with the largest UAE mobile phone operator in the first six months of 2019 to build 300 towers 5G for the network.

On the eve of opening MWC 2019, Huawei's CEO Guo Ping organized a round table with American journalists at one of Barcelona's luxury hotels. Most of the participants were interested in the reasons behind the war between Washington and Huawei. Guo explained that the main reason is trade. Americans do not like that Chinese companies dominate their million-dollar telecommunications market, especially in the 5G market.

"Ask Snowden"

Guo Ping began his speech in Barcelona with a joke about his opponents, using a new tactic of the Chinese company: instead of excuses, Huawei said he did not spying on it instead of being targeted by the US Government. his company is spying.

"What is more reliable than PRISM?" Asked Guo, laughing and applauding while referring to the communication system that received the National Security Agency (NSA) information. through telecommunication lines. "If you do not know the answer to this question, contact Edward Snowden."

The company's director wrote in The Financial Times: "Clearly, the more Huawei computers are installed in the telecommunications networks, the more difficult it is for NSA to collect everything." In other words, Huawei strives for American efforts. The United States wants anyone to spy ", explained Guo Ping.

5G global networks

The president added that the second reason for the anti-Huawei campaign is related to 5G, "it will provide connections from smart manufacturers to electricity networks." Washington believes that it is "keeping Huawei 5G out of global networks".

The Chinese company has invested a lot of research in this field over the past 10 years, and nowadays it has "almost a year ahead of competitors" by Guo Ping.

Alien disagreements

Before the show in Barcelona, ​​Gordon Sondland, the United States's EU ambassador, wants Washington to move away from Huawei Chinese telecommunication company's products for security reasons.

However, Washington's initiatives lead to a disagreement between ally members and alliance of the world's intelligence, "Five Eyes & # 39; called the secret services of the U.S. UK, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand, targeted by the USA, because Chinese companies prohibit the development of 5G technology in their territory. United States Allies, including France and Italy, will use Huawei products. In addition, the United Kingdom believes its example will continue and will not add the blacklist company.


Huawei is a leader in the telecommunications sector and 5G technology. Huawei, ZTE and Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp. Chinese companies have 1529 patents and significant developments in 5G (36% of the world market). Meanwhile, the share of US companies, Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp., is just 14%.

This dominance is a big part because Huawei does not save money for research and development. In 2017 he spent 13 billion dollars on these goals. Patents require large investments, but they also generate revenues. Huawei patents provide a great deal of money, regardless of whether or not a country has purchased its equipment, which are the basis for Chinese invention and 5G technology development engineers. It is used by anyone, as well as American competitors. (RT)

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