Tuesday , January 25 2022

Watch SpaceX-in & # 39; Mr. Steven & # 39; He approached a piece of a rocket of a huge disk


Oceanografic SpaceX's ultimate video clip shows how the rocket drops from the sky regains a ship that falls from the sky.

One of the basic strategies that SpaceX separates from space agencies is the company's reuse of parts of the rocket to reduce costs.

Payment boxes are nose cones protected while the satellites are charged, and for each cannon of $ 8 million per Falcon 9 rocket, the sensitivity is more than what the company reuses to do.

In this test, the helicopter was bursting into the heavens and then dropped to the spacecraft's seagull at the SpaceX rocket, called Mr. Steven. It was a loose-fitting connection in a large network installed on the board.

SpaceX nasal cone ship, Mr. Steven

Mr. Steven sat in the doorway. (SpaceX)

The idea is delightfully ingenious, and in this test, SpaceX team was impressive to achieve its goal. In the second 59 videos shared by the company, how do you see payment? just He has lost his goal.

Check the text above the top player

Mr. Steven has tried several times in the presentations of previous orbital operations, but he still has not caught him. But after looking at what's near, it will not last long.

When Mr. Steven perfects his capture game, SpaceX retrieves fast-paced fast-paced fast-panning and drying, drying, and preventing water loss.

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