Monday , October 25 2021

We have more Resident Evil 2 reports


We have more Resident Evil 2 reportsWe do not know what the amounts will be, but until now, we have shown the twenty clips we have almost cryptically show from the official channel Capcom. And it's still more than a month before the release.

This time, the mini videos give us an outline of Sherry Birkin, Annette Brikin, Brian Irons, G1 and Orphanage. And one of them stands out first, but this is not difficult, some of these clips are commonly used to greet a window or another character, but we must not forget that the enemies that showed the most dangerous are going to face it soon.

Remember that remake Resident Evil 2 it will be available PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from January 25th.

Source: Capcom

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