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Weather warns City and Province for stronger storms

Fallen trees in the province of Buenos Aires


National Meteorological Service

(SMN) warned of the weather of the air stormy storms and, from time to time, a strong fall in the city

Buenos Aires

, Río de la Plata, the vast province of Buenos Aires and the province of Entre Ríos.

At dawn, agencies also alerted to severe storms with storms and pastures in some of the provinces.

Santa Fe


Between the rivers

and Buenos Aires.

"As a result of a cold front, rainfall and storms are developing a different intensity from the area of ​​coverage to the south-west, which is expected to be widespread and widespread in the coming days, as it is moving forward and moving south-east, north-east, , explained the SMN.

In addition, the storm has reached "a strong or severe intensity", accompanied by the wind speed. "The sectors may have more than 100 km / h, with falls of different sizes, strong electric activities and long-term water supply," he said.

According to state agencies, the weather conditions will be made from midday to south-west. Also, in the south-west and south-west of the province of Buenos Aires, Mendoza south-east, south-east and south-east of La Pampa stop.

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