Monday , May 29 2023

"We've reached the police" Commissioner …


PDI's anti-drug commissioner yesterday was published yesterday after the Department of Condominios del Alto, while taxes were in a house of Esteban Alvarado due to an infuriated mafia crime. The procedure was executed by Lucio Maldonado, who was dying for two weeks, being imprisoned for 14 attacks. Yesterday, prosecutors Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra indicated the brigade's head. "We came closer to coincidence, we did not investigate him," they did not say about the police arrest, although Alvarado was studying his situation in 2016, leading a gang of self-robbers. range, and was probationable. Now they are looking for crime. Without a name, the prosecutor said "he was in charge of the person being investigated from the homicide." Maldonado was kidnapped at the gates of his home and climbed to Renault Kangoo. Two days later, on November 13, he said he shot a sign: "You're not bored with a mafia".

Javier M. Alto Rosario lives in a luxury apartment close to shopping mall. The money comes from the purchase of its apartment partner. Yesterday, in a raid, researchers have spent expenses and other taxes with a fifth Alvarado, Condominios del Alto address. That is why the federal troops and Special Operations Troops (TOE) arrived. After that, the Ministry of Security was separated from the location to avoid interference.

Nonetheless, they say that the prosecutor is not reported against the police; But he found himself in suspicion that he found himself in a series of Alvarado, and was under the magnifying glass.

Maldonado died on November 13 in the Circunvalación collection, a few meters from the Buenos Aires motorway. At the age of 37, he injured three bullets to his body. Among the clothes, they found the aforementioned poster.

Alvarado has been heard in the corridors of former courts for many years; But he was convicted in 2016 by the Justice of Buenos Aires. A few months ago they released the sentence, along with two thirds of the service. Transcendents say that the man does not speak on the phone but has direct contacts.

Maldonado died on November 13 in the Circunvalación collection, highway meters.

Last Monday, Maldonado's delinquents went to Los Muchachos, to Piñero. In it they found documentation and taxes on Alvarado. A vehicle kidnapped by the victims of the investigation, Garibaldi 600, in Tablada district, November 11, 12.42. Subsequently, the investigations were included in the Funes Hills district and the Condominios del Alto department, among others.

In an interview with the press, prosecutors said there was no person arrested. "We found the documentation that was taken to other homes in a first search, which is linked to a person targeted at the homicide that led to any other incident," said Schiappa Pietra Alvarado. With the police, he said: "We arrived at Alvarado's address documentation, the head of the statement, it means that it is a deed, and who bought it and did not have a homicide," they said.

The shafts were also carried out in a logistics company on the Bid Road Route 8300; A house was kidnapped, in Misiones 800; another house stole another car, 2300 in the Air Force country; The house between Juan XXIII and 1400, where he was arrested by Miguel Ángel M. to have an open 32-gun gun that has nothing to do with the crime.

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